Yo everybody....
Post #1. I would assume that most of my initial 100 questions will have all been answered before, and someone will inevitably tell me to use some search feature. But....search features are kinda' counterintuitive to forums, so here goes.
I've basically got a stock '04 2500HD (4dr). She's been a pretty good truck, although the worst of all 4 of my Chevs over the years. My tires are starting to show significant uneven wear, as well as a worsening ride, and I'm thinking it's time for some new shocks. Short of droppin' it off at Schwabs and just sayin' do it, what other brands or upgrades should I be looking at? I own quads, and know there are about a million different brands of every type of part you could think to replace, so I'm sure it's even worse for trucks. I would love to get a little height if possible, but really have no idea where to even start looking.
Thanks for the help in advance!