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    Default Great-grandmother Tazed by Texas cop when she got mouthy

    Sorry, you're required to sign the ticket in Texas, fight it in court, not on the street. Now, did he HAVE to tase her? She seemed to get around pretty good, and she tried to leave and was confrontational? With all the crazies out there willing to stick a 6" blade in a cop I think he was pretty self-controlled. You might argue that he could have overpowered her, but maybe a broken hip or wrist or something if he did that? She was clearly non-compliant and she ignored his warnings, so ... she took a ride on the taze boat.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Great grandma Tasered during traffic stop Wed June 10, 2009[/ame]

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    Hey, did I ever tell you the day I did NOT get tazed?

    Ya.. I remember it quite well. I was speeding, it was just after midnight on January 1, 2008. I was actually driving home from a wild night of bowling with my wife (we party like that, on New Year Eve..) and was caught going 67 in a 45. Long story... it's a strip of country road that goes down to 45mpg for about 1/8th of a mile because there's a post office.

    So I pulled over right away as soon as I knew I was clocked speeding, pulling gently to a stop on a pulloff, safely away off the road as the county car caught up to me.

    The cop came up and I handed him my information as he requested. He promptly told me why he stopped me (I agreed I was speeding), and he went back to his car to run the plates, the name, etc, etc, as police do. I went ahead and stayed in my car, waiting for the officer to come back.

    When he came back he told me (as they often do) that he reduced the speed from 67 to 54mph. He handed me the ticket for my signature and I signed the ticket stating I agreed to pay a fine and/or show up for the court date because I was speeding, doing 67 (now 54) in a 45mph zone which I was totally aware of.

    The officer told me to keep the speed down, being very nice, and I went ahead on my merry way.

    Such is the night where I did not get tazed by a police officer. All the above is true, btw.

    There are many, many, many other nights where I did NOT get tazed by a cop. Perhaps I should go ahead and write a book.

    Hey, maybe I can call up the newspaper and tell them that I did not get tazed while not running my mouth while not getting a ticket for something I actually did.

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    am i a bad person to think this is hilarious. i think he is in the right. he did his job and thats it, no more no less
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    Call me irreverent, cold, or heartless I don't care. That was funny!!! She dropped like a sack of bricks, like Springthing said, shut up and be polite, if you get pulled over you've done something wrong!! Oh I've never been tased either! ..... did you hear her wailing!!

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    Yeah, at 1:32 she starts sounding like a wounded coyote. Hooooowwauuuu, hoooooowwwwaaauuuu.. is about the only way I can spell how it sounds.

    The he has to tell her to "put your hands behind your back, or yer gonna get tased again!"

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    Sounds pretty funny when she starts howling. My cats were looking around the room for a dog.
    A few years back in U.S. Navy Security officer we had to tazed to get certified to carry a tazer, all I remember is watching the arrows come at me and then I felt real weak, wouldnt go through that training again on a bet.

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    Tim - how do they get the darts out? They're barbed so they don't come out, right..?.. is there a special trick, or do they just yank them out?

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    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH........................ my dog started howling, I dont care 72 or 27 he was trying to protect her from walking out into traffic and she tyought just cuz she was "old" she should get the free pass. You ever ask your dog a question and he turns his head to the side like................WTF are you saying, he turned and howlied when she screamed, I just about S*#T myself!!!!!!!!
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    Actually, at 1:14 he tried to grab her hand to put some cuffs on her, so he did what he could do short of tackling her...

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    That's funny right there! She definitely deserved it...tried to play the old person card and he didn't take it!
    Hallsville, TX

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