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    Exactly right, Blackout 07!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackout07 View Post
    I think there was probably a better way to handle that incident, but it was a good stop none the less. The way I see it, the supervisor interferred with the officer and prevented him from interviewing the driver, who had committed a violation. The officer did bevave unprofessionally, but the supervisor did resist arrest.

    Bottom line, you can't physically step in between an officer and someone who is legally detained in an attempt to prevent that contact. You just can't. And when you are told you are under arrest, you don't get to decide that you arent.
    I agree with the fact that this could have been handled better (by both parties). The EMT should not have gotten in the way of the officer but the officer was definately on a power trip. I watched the beginning of the video a few times to see how long it took for the driver to pull over and it wasnt excessive. Here is just a scenario (obviously just thrown out there as who knows what happened exactly). Maybe the ambulance didnt hear the sirens (its very loud in the cab with radios and there is a distance to which you actually can hear them) and didnt notice until the cop started to pull around and thats when he pulled over. the car could have easily heard the siren first and maybe thought it was the ambulance and the ambulance went around. The cop came charging out of the car all pissed off. he was more angry that the ambulance took 10 seconds to get out of the way and the driver made a shrugging gesture (heard later in the video by the cop) had nothing to do with being a good stop. The EMT saw the cop pissin fire and bricks and stepped out and headed him off, not the best idea but the cop was definatley not treating it like a traffic violation that needed to be corrected. Not even excusing the ambulance driver but maybe he didnt see the cop initially, i've done it before where i looked up and saw a cop then quickly got over but they were right behind me when I noticed, and I get irritated when other people dont pull over and out of the way of emergency vehicles. the cop started the situation badly and the EMT made things worse.(I have military, police and highway patrol in my family, so I do give the benefit of the doubt to the officers first in all of these situations). Just handled poorly on both sides.

    Here is my cynical side. traffic violations and tickets are more about revenue generation than actual safety. I understand that there need to be rules but when a stop and ticket are given when there was no actual safety concern then it is all about the money (ie getting a ticket for 2 miles an hour over the speed limit). If they are doing something that truely is endangering the safety of others I am all for it.
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    I agree with what black out said, he could have handled it hetter but the ambulance driver was in the wrong the ambulance was at best doing code 2 where as the squad was doing code 3 the ambulance does have to yeild just like if it was the other way around the squad would have to yeild to the ambulance, I think that the supervisor made the situation worse by getting out yelling at the cop and interfering with what the HP was going to do.
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    The officer was obviously en route to something important and he let his emotions get away from him. He behaved rudely. As soon as he learned that they were transporting a patient, he should have allowed the ambulance to procede and simply followed them to their destination if writing a ticket was that important. That's what I see wrong with the encounter.

    What happened beyond that was exasperated by the EMS supervisor. He interferred with public duties and then resisted arrest. At this point the officer showed amazing restraint. He could have used much greater force to subdue the man. He could have used a taser, pepper spray, etc. but he didn't. The situation only intensified more when the "film crew" showed up. The bottom line is that arresting people that don't want to be arrested ISN'T PRETTY....ever. More than ever people are extremely critical of the police and their actions. It seems the majority of folks think the laws are trivial and shouldn't apply to them. It's completely ludicrous to me, to train a man or woman to ENFORCE LAWS, and give them the power to arrest, and then turn around and expect them not to do so.

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    i watched the video and then watched another news ad that was on youtube and it says the officer had his wife in the front seat with him and they were looking into why she was in the car with him. also said they had possiably been in an arguement before he pulled over the ambulance. i agree the officer was in the wrong with the way he acted but i also agree the emt person shouldn't have acted the way he did either. all in all it was a bad deal

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