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Anything in the Sac area? I live in Auburn and wouldnt mind getting a in person tune done. Allthough Id have lots of questions as my truck is a daily driver and I beat the heck out of it on the weekends towing. (Prolly should have gotten a diesel)....

I was looking at the handhelds simply because I wouldnt mind having an economy tube for when im runnin around town during the week and a tow haul for when im luggin around the horses or boat...
There are a few folks on another site that are trying to get 10+ tunes together to get Justin to come out. We both went to UC Davis, so I am pretty sure that Justin won't have a problem with making that trip!

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I was just reading about this on a diesel site. I am interested in EFILive and this would be a great addition.

Welcome to the site Justin, I have seen BBTune all over and wondered if you would grace us with your presence. Do you tune many Duramax's?
We are currently getting something together to support the diesel community, but only support gassers at the moment.