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    I'm gonna try all of these suggestions, and if any of them work I will definitely post the results!!! I don't want anybody else to have to go through this!!!!

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    Default Read all the sites on AC /Hot/Cold...

    After several months of hot air blowing on the drivers side and cold on the passenger side and trying ALL the great tips (none of which worked) I got it. Start the truck "2005 Z71" and hit the #1 seat positioning setting on the door. BOOM! Cold air on both sides. Then I just set the seat back to the way I like it. It about crushed me into the steering wheel.

    I will let you all know how long it stays ...Denny

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    i will try that also, damn! why does getting the heat/ac to work have to be like figuring out a rubic's cube!!?? I feel like in order to figure this out I am going to need MacGyver, or the Nicholas Cage character from National Treasure to figure this out!!!! "press here, tap foot twice, turn key, jump on one foot..........

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    just a heads up, I haven't got to try any of the suggestions yet, since my wife has been driving the Tahoe!!! But today's the day! I wll let you know what (if anything) works!!

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    ok, just finished trying all of the suggestions on this thread, and nothing. I tried the on/off with cranking, on/off without cranking, on/off without cranking 3 times, pulling the hvac fuse for one minute, pressing the #1 seat memory setting.....nada. The a/c does work but the dial has to be on the dash setting even though it doesn't blow from the dash only the defrost setting, and still no heat on the rear climate control. I have just about had it with this thing! it seems everybody else has a solution to the EXACT same problem, but none of those solutions have worked for me!!! If anybody has ANY other suggestions, I would be happy to try them.

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    You may have a problem in the HVAC control module. Have you checked it for codes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmiee View Post
    You may have a problem in the HVAC control module. Have you checked it for codes?

    no I haven't. do I need to take it to the dealer to do this? Also, I turned on the tahoe and watched the actuator (I think that's what its called) just above the accelerator pedal behind the dash. The black plastic part seemed to want to move when the dial was adjusted but wouldn't. So I pushed on it a little to "help" it and it changed to the floor. Does this mean that the actuator is shot? Seems stupid that it would go simply because I removed the battery!! but what do I know......

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    Before you start changing parts get the body control module scanned. Any good scanner that repair shops use can retreive the codes. Many code readers will not see anything but Generic codes so make sure you use a good scanner.

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    I will have to find that darn warranty that I bought!!!

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    Hey all, I'm new tothis forum, but I have had the same problem as ptdaivsjr in my '03 Silverado. I have swapped out the control panel and the (modulator?) realay switch? under the dash. Popped and checked all teh fuses and tried the other tricks as well. No joy. I haven't heard about scanning the modualtor until now. Would I have to go the stealership to get this done?
    I'll let you knwo if I find another solution.

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