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    I tried all of the suggestions except having the control module scanned. I called the stealership to check into this, and they said that there are THREE different modules. One is under the dash on the passenger side - this is the one I replaced - two are under the dash in the center of the console. I was unable to see the connection. Also, I was told that this module could not be re-scanned/re-set.
    I may try the recycle places and swap out the modules, but I won't be able to get to it for a week or so. Thank God for motorcycles...

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    I just had this happen to me again. My son and I were installing XM. When we hooked things back up we had the hot air on the passenger side situation again. Tried the key on/off several times/several different ways. This time nothing seemed to work. Finally stuck my head below the dash and listened to the actuators cycle as I did the on/off regiment. I didd this several times then fired the truck up. Cold air driver's side - passenger's side hot - but then after about 30 seconds it started to cool down back to normal.

    I don't pretend to know the answer for this but I am suggesting that you might want to let it blow hot air for a little longer than you think is necessary to see if it helps to make it normal after MANY on/off turns before a restart.

    Good luck - this really is a ridiculous problem that these Chevys seem to have with their actuator implementation.

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    im new to the chevy and I just got my first one so im fixing it up to go off to college with. i installed a sound system in it and now its blowing extreamly hot air on the drivers side and passenger side is blowing somewhat cold air and the power windows are acting up.... any suggestions?????

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    I had the same problem blowing cold on the dr. Side and then hot on the right. Tried all these steps and nothing worked. Took out the fuses....nothing. The only thing that worked was to unhook the battery for 5 min. Rehook, And the system started up in the opposite direction. Hot on the drivers side, cold on the right........great. After I restarted the truck it all went the same!

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    Sometimes computers get stuck in odd states and rebooting them is what it takes to resume normal operation. A key off/on certainly does it better than disconnecting the battery. It all has to do with voltages and how steady they are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F E Knucklebuster View Post
    Right - but with a delay at each step.

    I'm just learning how all of this new computer controlled stuff works - most of it beyond me. I sounds like the actuator that controls the hot/cold on that side is either stuck or shot. I don't think I'm being much help here especially when I venture out into the opinion venue.

    That being said, I found a couple of things online for you to try. Make sure you let us know if one works.

    I might have a solution for some of you that had the climate control fail to defrost mode only, after I replaced the battery. I tried several things that I read about on different forums and while I was playing under my dash I bumped my Power Seat switch. To reset the seat position, I pushed my Driver preference button and my Climate Control defaulted to my old setting and is now working.

    Pulled the hvac/ecas fuse and left it out for 1 minute. reinstalled the fuse and started the vehicle with the ac off. Turned the ac on and it made some motor noises (im sure it was the motors resetting on the actuators) within 30 sec cold air from both sides
    Option 2 worked with my 2008 Sierra Tried the other stuff first but the fuse R&R seemed to do the trick Thanks

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    Thumbs up Thanks for the solution!!!

    Thank you, Knucklebuster! It took me about 12 tries, but your simple solution of On/Off without cranking worked like a charm!

    First attempt - Nothing

    Second attempt - When I turned the key to ON, the actuators switched and cold air started blowing through the vents. Temporary fix, because as soon as I turned the ignition to start the truck, the air diverted right back to defroster.

    Third attempt - Air momentarily switched to dash, but even before I could crank the truck (2003 Suburban 1500), the air diverted right back to the defroster.

    Fourth and final try - Air was blowing through the defroster when I turned the key to ON; I left the key ON, and waited a few seconds (maybe 5?) and the air switched over to the dashboard vents. I let it stay that way for a few more seconds, and nothing changed, so I held my breath and turned the ignition. Truck fired up, A/C is blowing ice cold through the dashboard again, and all is good in this 100 Texas heat!

    Problem started when AutoZone disconnected the battery, and I was told later by a mechanic about the computer/actuator thing. I didn't want to take it to the local GM dealer and shell out ANOTHER arm and leg, so I thought I'd try the internet first.

    Thanks to all for sharing the problem as well as the solution!

    Quote Originally Posted by F E Knucklebuster View Post
    Here was my understanding.

    When the battery is disconnected the actuators controlling the climate control can lose their position. They think they are in the cold position when they are really in the hot. Disconnecting the battery again won't correct it - it's an on/off thing with the key. You may have to experiment - ie - off/on without cranking, off/on without cranking 3 times, off/on with cranking. Mine did it with a simple off/on with cranking.

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    Glad the info was helpful.
    An aggravating situation with a cost effective solution - for a change.

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