So truck was squeaking really bad. Sprayed all the pulleys with WD-40 and determined the tensioner pulley on the main belt was done. Replaced it and the nasty screech went away.

BUT, there is still a squeak. Not so much at idle, but if I rev it or give it gas it has a small chirp coming from the front left( when looking at the motor). Could it be the belt or AC pulley? How do you test AC pulleys with the location they are in?


The truck threw a code after I fixed this stuff. It had a terrible idle that the pulley helped with a bit, but it still shudders the odd time, the stalling stopped though.

Code P0102. Has to do with MAF sensor. How do I fix this or what could it be. I am goin to try cleaning my MAF and my K&N filter is brand new. If this do not work do I need a new MAF?

Thanks guys