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    Default Removing front Differential 1993 K1500

    Okay everyone...
    I have a 93 K1500 with 175000 miles, purchased truck about 169000. I am getting a noise from the front. Seems like I am running mudder tires. Noise does not change in 4x4 or 2x4, cornering or straight, high speeds or slow. Seems to be noticeable around 35mph. I am thinking either wheel bearings or front diiferential...??

    I have not done any front end work to this yet, were should I start or how can I diagnose what the issue is. I do see some leakage from the CV shaft goes into the diff housing.

    Im thinking I need to replace the bearings in the front differential. I would like to try and do this myself. I need to drive the truck while this is being done. Does anyone know were I can get a manual for the front Diff?

    1993 K1500 Auto 4x4 350

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    I have never heard of anyone having trouble with the front differential. Wheel bearings are very common problems. Jack up the truck under the lower a-frame until the tire is off the ground. Wiggle, shake, pry underneath tire, and see if you can find any movement. It's easier with a helper.
    When you hear hoofbeats, look for horses not zebras.

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    The tire does move or shake a little. I contributed that to loose Ball joints. So this could be a wheel bearing?

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    Unless the ball joint is completely shacked out, it takes a fair mount of effort to move them. The lowers take a lot. Pull the wheel off, maybe put a couple of lug nuts to hold the rotor tight. Hold the rotor at 12-6 or 3-9 and try to move the rotor and look for movement between the CV shaft outward hub and the knuckle. There should be zero movement.
    When you hear hoofbeats, look for horses not zebras.

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