A couple weeks ago I was at the local flea market, and I spotted an old set of rusty 6" off-road lights for sale. I walked up to the guy and asked him what he wanted for them, he told me $8.00 and they were mine. I couldn't pass up the offer for a good project, so I gave him the money and took my lights home to brain storm. Here is a picture of them when I got them home, they were pretty rusty but they were oddly smooth. I had a slight suspicion that they were a cheap grade of stainless steel, and if that was the case then they were able to be brought back.

So I took apart the lights which was relatively easy, I had to cut the four bolts out of the trim rings because they were completely frozen on. I then removed the trim rings and the large rubber gaskets, and lastly I removed the wiring and actual light fixture. I then took a Dremel with a sanding barrel with 60 grit sandpaper, and I worked in a fluid symmetrical motion all around the light to give it a nice finish. This is a finished light next to an untouched light, major improvement already and we're just getting started.

Here are the lights after about an hour of sanding on both of them, they have that raw finish to them that I just love. I was going to just clear them and leave them like this, but my mom suggested I try some painting on them.

Here is an up close shot of my sanding work on the light, it's hard to believe it's the same light!