Hey Everyone!

I purchased a 1964 Pickup to turn into a show/dragster. We've setteled on a Classic Black/White Police Car theme (40s, 50s, 60s) except modernized a bit with true flames among other things just to kinda spark up the style a bit.

I have a couple questions...

Am I allowed to have Red/Blue strobes on the truck ask long as they are not used on the street and just at shows and races?

Also, I know it is illegal to have the word "Police" anywhere on the vehicle, but, I would like to have some "classic" police markings such as a seal or badge with some wording other than "Police". Would it be legal to have a badge on each door as long as it does not have the word "police"?

I didn't know where else to ask these questions and I figured someone on here could answer them.

Thanks in advance for the help!