I have a 2004 Silverado crew cab, 6-speed diesel. I installed a cb in the sunglass cubby. Power was tapped from the orange wire that supplies continuous power to the two map lights on the upper console and a dedicated ground was connected to the roof supports inside the headliner. Everything worked fine at first. After about a day I noticed that intermittantly the CB would loose power when the truck was shut off (it would reset to channel 1). I've heard there is some sort of "power save" function on the newer trucks so this was something that was acceptable to me. Then while I was driving my compass/thermometer in my rear view mirror went out, I pushed a button and it came back on, but as soon as I opened my door it went out and has not worked since. When this happened the Airbag light on my dash came on. I pulled the sunglass cubby and disconnected the cable connecting my CB and the map lights and all the conditions still existed. I did not see any pinched or bare wires when I had it apart. I disconnected both batteries for about 10 minutes in an effort to reset the computers. This had no affect on the situation. When I got in my truck this morning I noticed that the flappers in my A/C system no longer work. A/C is coming out through the floor vents and defrost vents reguarless of how I set the controls. Any ideas what may be causing these issues?