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    Default 00' Silverado Gauge cluster problem - New Member please help

    hello all this is my first post on GM truck club.

    My problem is my gauge cluster for my 00 Silverado doesnt seem to function properly, the only working gauges are volt and oil pressure, the rest dont work.

    I have already tried three different clusters and all have the same problem.

    Please someone answer my question as to what this problem is, thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the site! You might have some luck checking with your local dealer about a "recall" on certain dash problems. I can't remember exactly which ones were involved, but the dealer should be able to help you out. Good luck!

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    I already tried the dealership. 03-07 where on recall list only.

    they would charge $350 if i have them repair it, but i dont want to pay that much for it

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    Default Instrument Cluster Issue


    Had the same issue on my '95 Silverado extended cab. It was an intermittent electrical issue where the speedo, tach, and gear selector light would not illuminate/work. This then goofed up the transmission with no low or high gear until it clicked back in, if it did at all. I too thought it was the instrument cluster but found out, for me, it was the wiring harness for the ignition switch. I took it to a local mechanic (not dealer) who replaced it for about $300.00. The wiring harness/ignition switch is sold only through Chevy for about $250.00. Hope this helps you.

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    Default '99 silverado with similar issues

    I've got a '99 silverado, And the guage cluster is having a brain fart. They mostly work but the fuel guage dances around, the digital odometer, with the shift indicator display, has dissapeared and every now and then the guages die for a second, (acting like the truck has died) but then come right back.

    I've been checking all the grounds and wire harnesses but havnt found anything yet. I'm guessing the next step is tear apart the dash. If I can ever figure mine out Ill post about it.
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    give_ammo - i have the same type of issue on my 01. All gauges except the voltage and oil pressure will randomly turn off for a second and come back on. sometimes it last a couple seconds. on my truck this is ALWAYS accompanied by the big red light in the message center for charging system. IT has only started this winter - the first winter using my remote starter, and only after i put HID headlights in. I found out through trial and error that this will only happen if i remote start the truck and then drive it without turning it off in between. If i remote start it then stop it before i get in and then start it with the key i never have any problems. so this one i think would definitely be electrical.

    just throwing that out there...

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    look on ebay for a new cluster

    i would consider an escalade one since they look soo sweet. also youll just have to reprogram the mileage at the dealer for 80 buks and thats about it.

    Reason its messed is because your stepper motors went out..... common problem on NBS trucks 99 - 06 07 classic

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