So Thursday my wife was going to go to her Mom's with the kids for a week. Her 2007 Acadia was making a funny howling sound so I took it to the stealer and dropped it off. Friday afternoon they call me and say that the power staring pump went out and they replaced it under warranty. OK well that's good seeing my wife has to drive 600 miles. So my wife drive to PA and no problems till yesterday wich was the first time she went to use her car since she got to her Mom's house. She told me she started it and heard a bad sound and that the steering wheel felt weird. Then she shut it off and looked under the car and seen red fluid all over. I told her to call the nearest stealer and have them come get it. So she does and they tell her sorry honey we don't have a tow truck?????? What???? So I give her roadside assistance number and they get her towed to the stealer. Now this was yesterday, now today this dealer tells her there is nothing wrong with the car and it is not leaking???? She tells them that there is a problem and they better look harder. Now they say they will keep it overnight and look at it when it is cooled off. Mind ypou it was cooled off when they looked at it this morning??? As you can imangin I am pissed off right now, if my wife and 4 kids get stranded on the way back to MI I will be taking a drive to this stealerOh and I called the stealer here that put the new pump on and they act stupid about it also.