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    Default turn signal switch. [Expired Topic]

    Anyone ever replaced the turn signal, cruse controle, and wiper switch on a '95 - '99 truck. If so how long dose it take? Ant problem with the air bag?

    The only problem with mine is the blinker won't cancle after completing a turn. I look like one of those old timers driving around with the bliker on for miles. If I remember I can manuly cancle it but I want to fix it.

    I've priced a new GM one at close to $300 and a after market off E-Bay is less than $100. Anybody had any luck with the after market switches?

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    It's probably not the switch, it's probably what the switch connects to. There are some springs that cancel the switch and when they get worn, they quit working. The switch is kind of a pain in the ... to replace because you have to run the wires down the inside of the column. These comments are based on the 94 and older trucks, but I believe the 95-99's are a similar design, so someone please correct me if I am wrong.

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    Default Turn Switch

    I have replaced the springs in my Mother's 95 tahoe and it took about 2.5 hours with removing the air bag the springs are cheap from GM about 1.25 per spring best to bo both at the same time fairly easy to do.

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    The chevy parts guy told me that the '95 and newer need a new switch. He said the spings can only be replaced on the '94 and older.

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    did you end up figuring it out? replace or not?
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    95-99 use a muti function switch instead of of turn signal switch. Removing the air bag is simple. remove the battery cable, remove the airbag fuse, wait 15 minutes because of the capacitors, then use a small screwdriver and release the lock tangs in the back of the steering wheel. remove the steering wheel, take the 2 halves of the column apart (usually 2 screws with T20 heads) the tilt lever just pops out, then remove the screws holding the switch on. the wires are not strung down the inside of the column like the 94 and older ones. once the steering wheel is off this is a very simple job. when you reassemble, plug the airbag in at the back of the bag then when you get everything back together put the fuse in and then reconnect the battery last.

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