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    Default 1991 Chevy 1500 4x4--WONT START! And will die

    Hey, i just recently bought my chevy. Its a 1991 Chevy 1500 4x4. It has a 4 inch lift and a 2in body lift. Its on some 31s. About 4 days ago, it died on me. Just randomly. but started perfectly fine 2 minutes later. Its been doing this more frequently lately, and now it wont even start. I have no idea what to do. Someone please help me! I greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks guys

    and by the way, this is my first CHEVY!

    I used to be a ford guy, but chevy seats are so comfortable! ha

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    Two things to check for first. Spark and fuel. Pull a boot off a plug check for spark while cranking. And you should be able to see fuel spraying in the throttle body.

    My first suspect is fuel pump. You can get a gauge to tee into the line behind the throttle body. Don't replace the pump though until you confirm it doesn't work, and is getting power at key on.
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    If it just dies, no power to anything, check battery connections. Check battery, check power to starter and any of these wires for corrosion. That is where I would start. simple first.

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    Change ur cap n rotor button my 92 Z71 was doin the same 2 me i changed them n it runs good now

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    Does the motor turn over? If it does then you've eliminated the battery and connections.
    Next is fire. Remove whichever sparkplug is easiest to get to. Stick it back into it's boot. Lay the end against unpainted engine metal (must be grounded). If you don't own a remote starter switch, have a friend crank the motor. If the plug sparks, you've eliminated firing.
    Only 2 things left; Fuel and timing. I suggest a Hayne's or Chilton's manual since your fuel should be under pressure. Timing check is a little more intense, so it's much easier with a manual right next to you.
    My experience and your description indicate the fuel pump. You'll probably suffer from sticker shock but if you can afford it , buy the Delco and you won't be changing it again.

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