Hey guys, I'm new here and thought I'd drop in and see what's going on. I posted this in the Suburban forum, but it's been suggested that I post here as well and get some other input. So here you go:

First of all, my wife and I are finally getting out of the minivan thing (thank God) and planning to buy a Suburban or Yukon XL within the next month or so -- hopefully sooner rather than later.

I'm looking for an '03 to '06, mainly because those are the ones I'm a little more familiar with. The '07-09 models are too expensive, and I really want something newer than what we're driving now (an '02 Dodge Grand Caravan).

We're drawn to the Suburban/Yukon XL because of the added room, comfort and capability. I didn't originally want 4WD but 90% of the ones I've seen around here are so equipped. I guess it doesn't matter, it might even come in handy at some point.

Are there any mechanical or electrical issues I should look out for? Suggestions on what model to look for? Anything?

BTW, I am disabled due to a spinal condition I was born with, so any help you can give me that would make sure I find the best vehicle possible would be GREATLY appreciated. I don't want to end up getting something that might leave me stranded somewhere because I didn't know what to watch out for.

Thanks in advance!

(By the way, I did stop and look at a 2004 Suburban 1500 LT 2WD yesterday. Nice vehicle, but it did not have a hitch, although it does appear it had one at one point. I'm guessing, even though every other one I've seen has the hitch, this was an option in '04?