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Thread: Fuse Blow

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    Default Fuse Blow

    Well i have a Suburban 1996 6.5 Diesel and about month ago he starts to Blew 20a Fuse for ECM-1 and did not light up glow plugs light in the Dash and not starting then i change the fuse and he blew it again two three times then suddenly he stop and works fine until now

    I just stop to day in my garage and change front shocks and when i was finish i go and start but he blew the fuse right away and did not start so i go to the engine room and unplugged all sensors and the pmd driver then he show me the lights for the glow plug in the dash then i connect the PMD and start and engine run fine then i go to the engine room and connect each sensor in hope to see if one of them was the reason no he run fine then i go and put it to drive and drove off and after about 100 yards the Engine Idle faster without that i give her any oil and blew the fuse :(

    Now he just blow them right away when i turn the key on even without starting

    is it the Engine Control Module that is done or some wiring problems ?????

    i am giving up on it after go trough all kind of wires and try to fins some shorts to earth but can not find any damage

    But after i took out the Fuel Pump Relay he light up again the Glow Plug light but i did not try to let him Run

    Is it Possible there can be a issue with that Relay ???

    Hope for some answers from other who had this problem and solved

    Best Regards


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    80 readers and really nobody had this issue ????

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    Without a wiring diagram, I can not help, but I can ask if the Check Engine Light (CEL) ever comes on, and if it does, have you had the codes read?

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    no light but when he blow the fuse the golow plug lights disappear and do not come on until i put a new fuse

    Have disconnect all kind of stuff but does not matter he runs yesterday but now he blow the fuse as i just turn the key to on before it was just when i started the car

    I am going to cut all the wire open in the Engine room he is shooting to ground somewhere i think

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    Ok i loose the fuse box for the mini Fuses in the Hood and foun out it comes one thick pink wire from the ignition switch to the Fuse and two thinner pink wires from the fuse to the ECM module behind the glowebox so I decided to run a wire directly from the ignition switch harness over to the pcm, with an inline 20A fuse. I haven't had any problems since and the truck runs fine now

    hope that has fix the Problem and
    save from cut up all the Loom to find where one of those pink wires are blowing out to ground

    here is a diagram of the fuse box for all the types of the Car

    Click image for larger version. 

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