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    Anyone remember Ralph Nadar and his "Unsafe at any speed"? In the 80's, he stated that the new economy cars were just as safe as the full sized cars of the day. When asked what he drives he said a Lincoln Town Car, when asked why, they're safer..... go figure

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    I had a '61 and now a '91 both good vehicles.

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    Even with all the rhetoric about getting rid of the gas hogs isn't a good portion of the presidential motorcade made up of Suburbans?

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    How fast do you think a bulletproof Prius would be?

    1999 Chevy K2500 Suburban 350
    K&N, reworked cai, Thrush cat-backs
    Vinyl, cranks, floor shift, and rear air!

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    I wonder if there are any members on the forum that are law enforcement or Federal level officials that get to cruise around in those beautiful black Suburbans. There's just something really cool about the clean, no nonsense looks of those things. If there are speak up, we promise that nobody here will give you a hard time about (well pretty sure LOL)
    1991 Chevy Suburban, 190K, 1500 1/2 ton, 5.7L, 3:42 gears, 4X4, stock tire size, stock suspension set up.

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    Spent a "little" time in one.

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    Oops, posted in wrong thread... :P
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    When Burbs are outlawed only outlaws will have Burbs.
    They will get mine when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.
    We have a farm; we need our Burb and always will. You show me a car that will haul a horse trailer and I will still have our Burbs.


    Technology is great, when it Works,
    And one Big Pain in the Ass When it Doesn’t.
    Detroit Iron Rules, All the Rest are Just Toys.
    94 GMC Burban, 5.7L (350), 4X4, Auto
    86 GMC Burban, 350, 2 WD, Auto
    79 GMC pickup plow truck, 400, Full time 4X4, Auto
    86 Pontiac Fiero SE, 2.8L, Auto, only mid engine American car
    See a Pattern yet?

    15 year GM assembly line worker.

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    Where ya been Fiero havent seen you in a looooooong time.

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    I always though they were too damn big.
    anytime we went off-roading, hunting, camping, ect the burb always get stuck first. usually due to its long wheelbase and 8,000lb + curb weight...
    its a toss up cause, you need the space for supplies and people, but they're not very capable trucks.

    now with our effed financial system, and GM, in its infinite wisdom; has been making the vehicle not only BIGGER and HEAVIER but with higher HP engines to carry the weight....
    so I think its safe to say its digging its own grave.
    hell, this whole country is unless we have some major policy changes and dismantle the private Banking industry!!
    the Federal Reserve isn't a government entity, its a private bank!
    Gas was $1.83 when Obama took office.....

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