I wasn't sure which section to post this in so I posted in both, sorry if that's wrong.

Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum but glad I found it. I have an 88 suburban 5.7 and I am having major problems with the factory security system. I had it disabled (or so I thought) and haven't had any problems out of it in 3 months. I switched stereo's today and now the suburban wont start. It's acting like the security system is engaged. When I turn the key all I hear is the box for the security system click. The starter doesn't try to engage or anything. Does anyone know how to completely do away with the factory security system so my truck will start again?

A little more details on it. The truck started fine yesterday, then I switched stereos, now it won't turn over at all. The box where all the wires hook into for the factory security/anti-theft system, clicks when I try to turn it over. It's like the starter isn't even connected. Is there a way to bypass this totally or at least bypass where it stops the starter from engaging? Please help!