Hello all,

First time poster.I have some specific towing questions I hope you might be able to help with.

my truck- 99 z71 1500 ext 4x4 5.3 auto with the tow pkg and 373 10 bolt rear end 6" lift with 35's

I am wanting to tow a 1/2 ton towable toy hauler of 21' to 23' with a dry wts ranging 4700 to 5400lbs, hitch wt range 500 to 750lbs and a gvwr 7500 to 9000 depending on model etc.

User manual rates my truck at 7500 and depending what list you read it goes to 8200 lbs towing.

1st question- Gear ratio: I was planning on getting some high quality limited slip gear installed to get back my ratio due to larger tires and towing needs. The 2 shops I have talked to said 4:56 but another person said that sounded a bit much for regular driving and towing. Comments?

2nd - On paper it appears that my rig is perfectly capable of towing todays lighter weight toy haulers, So long as I am careful about my weights - especially when going fully self contained. However, one shop person whom I spoke with about the gear swap said that my truck really wouldn't be able to handle the load. Primarily due to the weakness of the 10 bolt rear end. He also said that I would defibately need the air assist springs, heavt duty tranny cooler, and even with all that it would be weak. Comments?

Basically, I had hoped to get a toy hauler now while its a buyers market, and get a newer 3/4 ton in a couple of years. But the comments from the installer have me scared. I dont have the money to drop 4k into my truck just to struggle pulling a little trailer and then upgrade the truck. If I could just buy both I wouldn't be here hehe. So any comments would be great.