Hello. I live in Tucson, Arizona, and drive a gasoline-powered '76 Suburban with the big block (454) engine. Having kept meticulous fuel records since October, 1996, when I inherited the beast, I find that I have been averaging 9.33 miles per gallon and have driven over 91,000 miles. I know how to change the oil and spark plugs but can do very little else. I am not a mechanic - not even in my dreams!

I have heard of Suburban conversion kits for CNG, LP, and biodiesel (doesn't apply in my case). I have also heard of computer chips that replace distributors for increased power & mileage.

Fuel costs $2.69 per gallon today (June 24, 2006), but I'm sure it will hit $3.50 per gallon or more in the near future. There are gas stations here which sell E85, but they charge almost as much as regular gasoline! The tucsongasprices.com website reports that E85 sells for $2.65/gal today, which is only four cents less than gasoline, hardly worth the cost of conversion!

QUESTION: given the above info concerning my specific Suburban, what realistic alternative fuel conversion options are available?