So I have read every post the search function could find relating to the selection of plug wires and plugs and everything I read seems to be about earlier models, say 2005 and earlier. I have a 2006 Silverado, 4x4 Ext Cab LT3 with the 5.3L V8. It just turned 70,000 so I thought it might be time for some new plugs and wires.

From the posts I read the consensus on plugs seemed to be either AC Delco or NGK. Does the same hold true for my truck? Do type of plugs came stock in my truck, copper, platinum, iridium?

For wires all summit shows are some Taylor's (cheapest), AC Delco which is obviously the factory option, and then Granatelli's which are by the far the most expensive but say they offer near 0 Ohms resistance. The Taylor's say they offer 500 Ohms resistance which doesnt seem to be much better than stock but they are much cheaper.

What other options have you guys used? What do you suggest?