i have 2 front rotors from a brembo grand turismo break kit and all that you need to upgrade your trucks stoppin power, only thing missing is the calipers which you can pick off ebay for around 400 bucks. again no calipers come with the rotors. i am asking $1000 this kit cost me 2800 new and the calipers cost 500 at most to buy, so your getting a deal. Now about the history of these, they were on my 56 cevy project that never got finished due to tuff times. never driven, breaks have never been used, only spun on the axel with a wheel on them and moved around from rolling the truck in and out. THE BOLT PATTURN IS 6-139 6-139. THEY WILL FIT ANYTHING WITH THAT BOLT PATTURN. again these are new. never had oil in the lines.

call me if you want to know more
or ncharlez428@yahoo.com

i need these gone..........

check these out on ebay as well.