So, last night I ordered some stuff online from Summit Racing. I logged onto my Summit account, so all of my billing and delivery info was already there. I placed the order, hit submit, then realized that my "bill to" and "ship to" addresses were both my PO box...but I didn't want the parts delivered to the PO box! I knew that I would need to call them and talk to a CSR. I dread calling sit on hold for far too long. You talk to someone who you can barely understand. They try to sell you something while they tell you they can't help you with your problem. Always an unpleasant situation for me.

So, a few minutes ago, I called Summit. A few choices after I dialed, and I was greeted by a friendly sounding man, who's accent was mid-western, at the worst. I told him I needed to change my ship-to address. He asked "Is this Roger?" and I was almost shocked, because at no time after I dialed Summit did they ask me to identify myself. And, I called from my cell phone, which show up on caller IDs as "cell phone" or "verizon mobile", but not the callers name. Their CSR's phone lines are linked to their computers, which match the incoming call phone numbers against their database, so they know who's calling without having you punch in your 16 digit ID and all that.

I said "yes, yes it is." He told me that, even though I've only had one other order sent to this address, they had already caught my oversight and corrected my "ship to" address for the order.

In a time when big companies have lost sight of their customers, in a time when big and small companies alike send jobs over-seas, in a time when everyone has incredible amounts of technology, but nobody realizes what it's capable of, Summit Racing Equipment rises to the top.

I've never gone out of my way to tell people how impressed I was with a business before, but I am now. If someone out there is hesitating about ordering something from Summit, hessitate no longer! Place that order! And if someone out there has never heard of Summit Racing Equipment before now, you have! Summit gives American's jobs...Summit sells quality, name-brand time you people have some extra cash for shiny stuff for your truck, buy it from Summit. They deserve your business. And I bet that after that first order, you'll think so too.

Man...I wish I was a poet so I could write something more eloquent about Summit! LOL!