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    Default 1984 suburban rear window stuck down

    Hi I'm new and got a ?, imagine that

    My 1984 Suburban rear sliding window is stuck down. I have no power going to the wring back there and I checked the fuses. I took out the sensor that dected if the door was shut. Does anyone know of a wiring diagram for these online? Or does anyone have any suggestions. How do I get the window up to reach the motor and stuff behind the glass. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I tried searching for info on this already on the forum.

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    Check out LMC truck for an exploded view that might help. L MC The regulator, safety switch, actuator switch, or motor could be bad. Check out this website if you need these chev parts
    I found this info on another forum that may help: (from:

    02-05-2008, 09:43 PM

    if you disconnect the wire harness from the body underneath the truck....the black wire can be crossed against either of the other two wires(mine aren't stock color sorry), and the window will go up or down....try this to get the window moving....otherwise there are 4 10 mm bolts IIRC on the sides of the tailgate...undo them and the window tracks come careful you don't want the glass to break...mine cost 1000 after parts that needed replacing when it went...(thats new sash, glass, and regulator)....once the tracks are off....the window should float enough that you can disconnect the sash (bottom metal peice of window) off the regulator which point if you remove weatherstripping and the end rubber blocks from the can now safely remove the window itself and have fun working on the very careful if you decide to unbolt the is spring loaded and will not hesitate to remove a finger or 5 if you get caught in will not snap shut as long as you leave it and the motor bolted in....if it does snap shut, when reinstalling you just sit the spring in the will self tension
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    A basic wiring diagram might be in an aftermarket repair manual sold at auto parts stores or might be at your library.

    A complete wiring diagram with troubleshooting instructions for this would be in a GM Factory Service Manual set which you probably could order from (Older vehicles have several different books to the set like a separate electrical diagrams service manual.)

    If you can get to the wires and there is no power there, and you know for sure which wire is which. You could cut a wire or disconnect a connector and run a wire from your battery to get the window up. BE DARN SURE you know what you are doing before doing this! Otherwise you can cause a lot of damage.

    I was going to mention about switches back there, but you are ahead of me on that one!
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    Thank you everyone for your help.

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