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    I popped open my hood today after spending 5 hrs cutting the grass. I first looked into the air cleaner for signs of little critters and saw NONE. It was as clean as when GM put it together. I searched the rest of the engine campartment, in the quarter panels, under the frame, firewall, and rear underneath of the car but ABSOLUTLY NO SIGNS OF CHEWED WIRES. No wheel cylinder, or master cylinder leakage. Nothing looked out of the ordinary in any place I looked.
    I also (with a flashlight and mirror) checked on the parking brake mechanisum. What I think is the switch, located at the top, white nylon with a brown srtiped wire coming off of it, That looked OK. I tried to wiggle this wire and switch to see if it was loose but it was not. Giggiling the wire had no effect on the illuminated indicator dash light.
    The car moves and stops normaly. No pulling to either side.
    I'm at a loss what to try next other than take it to a dealer or garage for whats causing this. :(

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    take a test light, my favorite tool, and check the switch to make sure the switch is not defective.

    when you hook the light to the switch move the switch manualy to make sure that it is working properly.

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    the switch you looked at sounds like the right one. were the contacts making contact? when the pedal is returned all the way, the contacts should not be touching the pedal assembly, but rather just sticking out in to the open. The combination valve would still be in the same place regardless of 2 or 4 wheel drive, try unplugging the connector for the valve to see if the light goes out, if it does you have found the problem, either the switch is bad or the valve is off center internally which should be stopping brake fluid from getting to one end of the burb or the other.

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