I have had a lot of conversations and arguments about synthetics being the right product for our engines. I want to answer any questions you may have. We all buy or think of buying expensive parts to soup our trucks up for performance, why not buy the best oil to protect those expensive parts? Why on earth would we cut corners (costs) where it matters most, the oil is the life blood of our engines. I hear a lot of well wally world has oil and a filter for 16 bucks. All this tells me is it does not matter what protection it has it's being bought on cost alone.

Next would be filtration.Why not put the best filtration on an engine think of it as an insurance policy. The better you filter the oil, the longer the life of that oil is and the less wear the engine will have. We can filter down to 2 microns absolute. Our OEM replacement filters are down to 15 microns absolute with no by-pass filter.