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    Default Battery gauge flickers when turn signals are being used. [Expired Topic]

    The gauge also goes down when the power windows are being operated, emergency flasher on, and when the ac is turned on. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

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    How much is it flickering? A small amount is ok, but if its going into the red each time, you are having a charging problem. Is it only happening at idle or does it happen while driving as well?

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    It happens while driving as well. Not to mention when I shift to drive. Sometimes the windows will stop working...I think somehow it is all tied together. I have had the truck (95 Suburban) for almost 3 years and it has always done it. I just replaced the alternator last week and it is still doing it. I really appreciate your time.

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    What year Suburban do you drive?

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    Sounds like a short.

    Has he done any rewiring lately?

    Check all grounds, especially the ones on the engine to the firewall.

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    If it is a short, there should be fuses blowing. Having a bad ground will definately cause this type of behavior. I had problems just like this and more with my 93 a short while back, and there were several grounds that had been taken loose to replace te engine, but had never been put back.

    I looked and looked and looked for months before I finally took it to the dealer and paid them 150 bux to track down and fix the problem. Several ground wires later, all is fine!
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