I have a dilemma....my engine/tranny (TBI 350.th400) is making a wierd noise, but the problem is it only happens under load so it almost impossible for me to crawl around the truck to try and pin-point the where the noise is coming from!

The only way I can duplicate the noise without the truck moving is to put her in gear, stand on the brakes and give the engine a little gas to simulate a load...and I don't really want to be crawling under the truck with someone else doing that!

Here is my best description. When I'm pulling away from a stop sign, going up a hill or even just up my driveway...doesn't need much load....I get a rapid light metalic "ticking" noise....that increases/decreases with rpm and only happens under load.

It sounds almost exactly like my metal cooling fan is tapping the edge of my fan shroud, but I took the fan off last night and sound still happened. I've never heard engine knock or pinging before or detonation but this noise almost sounds to "light" to be something that bad....but??

I'm starting to think transmission now...like maybe the torque converter? What else in the transmission would make a loud ticking noise under load?

I had my fiance' get in the driver's seat so I could at least walk around the engine bay....I couldn't tell where it was coming from!! It is so frustrating...

Please help, I have a rare chance to really show off my truck this weekend and help my brother move..but now I'm worried about my truck