Here's an intersting worry....

Recently, my suburban (99, 5.7, 2wd, 148k) would not start in the morning. A jump fired it right up and it would run and restart all day.

So - that night I checked for lights being left on, listened for anything running, made sure there wasn't anything plugged in to the cigarette ligter...

The next morning - same thing - battery too low to start.

I jumped it and again spend the day driving somewhat happily - but concerned.

I noticed that the voltage meter seemed to hang around 13v. Never to 14 - always less.

After the 3rd day with it not starting in the morning, I got ticked off (and it was the weekend, so I could do something about it) and went and bought a new battery (figuring that the old one had a bad cell or something).

I noticed that it started right up and the voltage meter was showing 14+v of charge just after I started it and then it came down a bit to run just right at or just under 14. (As I would expect - recharge from the cranking draw until equalized..)

It's been a little over a week now, it's started every time since the replacement and I think it was just a bad battery and is now fixed, but.....

How would you guys troubleshoot an overnight voltage drain if you suspected one?


Tim the technojunkie