Hey all. Long time Chevy owner, but just recently acquired a new toy. Let me explain.

I have a good friend of mine that lives up by Fort Worth. He recently acquired a 1977 Corvette from his dad due to his dad having health problems. My friend's dad couldn't finish the Vette, so he gave it to my friend. In the deal, he also acquired a 1984 Chevy step side and 20' car trailer to carry the Vette around until it was finished. Now, my friend isn't mechanically inclined, but I am. So a deal was struck. I finish the Vette and in return, I get the 84 Chevy step side and the trailer. There isnt much work to be done to the Vette. That is the beauty of it. The engine has been rebuilt and the body has been painted. I need to install all of the engine plumbing and brake hoses to the calipers from the steel lines. I need to finish wiring the engine up and finish the emblem install on the body. Really, if you think about it, all of the hard stuff has been done by his dad. Do this and the truck is mine.

On to the truck.

The truck is an 84 like I said above. It too has been repainted at the same time as the Vette. Windows were removed and replaced with new glass and trim. Body has NO DENTS, but some minor scratches from use. The interior sports a new seat and carpet. My friend's dad had new true dual exhaust installed. The engine and tranny have been rebuilt as well. All that the truck needs is new rims (it currently has stock steel rims) new bed wood, stereo and speakers, and air conditioning fixed. I had to replace the driver's side brake line from the frame to the caliper and replaced both power steering hoses. I went back to his house yesterday after I fixed the brake and steering issues and just out of curiosity, I wanted to see how hard the truck would start after sitting all night. I turned the key and it purred. Didn't have to touch the gas. This truck is a dream for being 25 yrs old. I am very excited about my new project and acquisition. Here are a couple of pics to tide yall over until I can get better, detailed pictures of the tuck.

More to come!