Well I was at office depot and I was pulling out of the parking lot and I came to a stop...I was going maybe 10mph and my truck decided to die...it started right back up... drove fine, then I came to another stop light when I get down to 10mph it dies again..I am thinking my fuel filter is clogged up and not letting enough fuel pressure build up through the fuel line to get to the injectors and the truck dies...its doesnt bog down or anything or act like it wants to stay on it just dies..The reason for my fuel filter theory is it did the same thing the other day but it cut out and almost died but came back up to normal idle...truck purrs like a kitten except for this issue (and my exhaust leak)...I just want to get some opionions on this..thanks guys, I dont know when the last owner changed the fuel filter so I think it might be a good cheap remedy for this problem..