Just joined the fourum and looks like there is a great deal of knowledgeable members here. Looking for some good impartial advice based on your own experiences.

Here's the deal. I just "caved in" and bought my fourth GMC Sierra, the top of the line Denali Model Year 2009. I absolutely love it. I'm looking to add some aftermarket performance enhancements and have an enormous amount of data, some conflicting, on what is best.

What I am looking for is to increase my 0-60 times. Plain and simple. I have no desire for a top end speed, just low end torque to blow away the punks in their Mustang GTs. Yes, I am approaching 40 and have no real need for this but it is the juvenille in me coming out. Can never get enough low end torque or horsepower.

The three items I believe would increase my 0-60 times in order of cost are:

1. Cold Air Intake
2. True Dual Exhaust
3. Supercharger

I already know this but then it gets into the exhaustive research on what is best.

1. Cold Air Intakes
K&N - seems like it is most popular
True Flow

2. True Dual Exhaust

3. Supercharger
Centrifigual blower
Roots Type Blower

And the list goes on and on. I know the supercharger is the most bang but also the most expensive. Am I getting excited over marketing hype from my research or is there some real merit to these systems? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

My truck is a 2009 GMC Sierra Denali AWD with a 6.2L, 403 HP and 417 ft-lb torque.