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    Quote Originally Posted by shurshot View Post
    Be cautious.... If it sounds too good to be know the rest......
    MMmmm i know thats why il ask you guys but at the same time this unit isent that expensive even from GM and this seller has a great reputasion ... the main part i wanna know if anyone has worked with it and that software question ..

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    So far as I know, this is just a device to "translate" the "computer language" between the vehicle's computers and a desktop computer.

    This does not contain any diagnostic software or software for any vehicles. It would come with software to setup the device and to connect it to your computer. This might be able to be used as a wireless device for example and you would need to set it up to be used on your wireless local area network.

    The problem is with the TECH II. With that you download diagnostic software to the Tech II, then use that as a stand alone unit to troubleshoot any vehicle. But there is a limit to its memory.

    Also as software bugs are found and updated, the diagnostic software in the TECH II needs to be updated. This takes time! Everyday!

    With the new gizmo, all the diagnostic software is stored on the PC and then no memory problems with the interface device.

    So instead of downloading software to the Tech II, just get a device which will pass the information along is the idea. Then the computers in the repair facility can have updates downloaded automatically every night. Saves time!

    So this would be like your cable TV box which sits on top of your TV. It just passes the information along from the cable to your TV. BUT you must have a subscription and a connection to the cable TV service to get the TV programs!

    Same with the new GM gizmo. GM controls the software. You get a subscription, then you can download FACTORY software to a vehicle computer module. So far as I understand it, you would need to provide the VIN number to GM, then they would send the software. Or something like that.

    And you could only install software updates, but not reinstall the same version software to a module. And you could not install software to a vehicle computer module which was not a factory option.

    Basically they as much as possible make this "fool proof" that you can't accidentally install the wrong software on a vehicle. And you will not be able to modify anything to other than factory specifications.

    So if you are working on GM factory specification vehicles and repairing them to GM factory specifications, then this is the tool for the future. But you will still need the tech II for older vehicles.

    Also this will be useless without the factory service manual information for troubleshooting. This is called SI or Service Information.

    So you would need factory service manual information (SI)...

    Diagnostic software for your PC and this would be updated as bugs are found (Tis2Web - Tech 2 Diagnostics)...

    Service programming software (Tis2Web Service programming)...

    Or "Tis2Web - All Access" which would not include SI.
    92 GMC Sierra 2500

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    Hmm this seller replys on my question on what cars/trucks i can work with like this : anything GM Suzuki, SAAB, Etc Etc anything that the TEch2 will do.

    is he a scam ?

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    Oh, I'm sure that it true. I'm just aware of the GM end.

    But many of these vehicle computer networks are industry standards, but I wouldn't imagine GMLAN is.

    However things like "Class 2", etc. would be on other vehicles. Here is more on this...

    And as for software for the PC for non-GM vehicles, I have no idea????

    Here is the CAN 2.0 specification from Bosch...
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    Here is information about GMLAN, the TECH II, and the CANdi module...

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