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    Default Any body rebuilt front differential/ transfer case leak

    I got a 99 chevy tahoe, the front differential is leaking from both cv-joints and at the front drive shaft.
    I have never rebuilt a front differential, but have rebuilt rearends.
    I CANT find a kit with all the bearings, seals etc. anywhere... anybody ever rebuilt the frontend??? Did you buy the parts individually or as a kit?

    Also it is leaking from the transfer case at the rear drive shaft. I assume that the seal and bearing needs replaced???? Any suggestions??

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    Randy's Ring & Pinion will sell you a kit. The front diff is a lot more work to rebuild than the rear diff. Have fun.

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    How bad is the front diff leaking? It's unusual to see an older one that does NOT leak. Unless you have to fill it every time you gas up, I don't think you will ever get your time/money back.

    As for the rear output on the case, that should be quite easy to replace the seal.
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    I just bought it a week or so ago, so I am unsure how long it will go without needing topped off, but it leaks pretty bad around the front drive shaft.

    What do yall suggest using in the front gear case? Will 75-90 gear oil do the trick?

    How about the transfer case?
    I read that you have to get this fluid from GM, but Amsoil has an alternative?

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    Unless the diff is leaving a puddle, I wouldn't worry about it. 75-90 for the diff. Do you have Auto-Trac? Push button case with Auto 4wd? If you do, you need the fluid from GM. If not, use synthetic Manual Transmission Lube.

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    Yes, its the push button with the auto option. Is the dealer the only place or is there somwhere on internet you can buy the fluid and save????

    Also, what is the fill level on the front differential, and the transfer case? And how often do you suggest changing this oil?

    I read 2 quarts will do the transfer case, and 3 for the front end?!?

    And thanks for all the help!!!

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    Those quantities sound about right. The dealer should be able to confirm. I use one of those push/pull fluid transfer pumps from the Walmart. The hoses are usually orange, easy to find. Less than 10 bucks, works great. They're in the automotive section. I fill mine to the bottom of the fill plug, some leave it down a bit. When you do the front diff, take two minutes and pull the skid plate.

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    I changed the frontend fluid today, wasnt part of my plan, but it really needed it.

    HOWEVER the transfer case drain plug is stripped. Looking at the drain plug it appears as though it was a 1/4 in square drive??

    Any ideas or suggestions on how to get it out, and where to get another plug? It looks like it might be an aluminum plug, but it dont make sence for it to be?????????

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    On my 97 NP243 the fill/drain plugs are steel 10mm hex bit (Allen Head). Probably someone tried a 3/8 which is slightly smaller, and stripped it. Probably going to have to use a chisel and hammer or air chisel at this point. But first, you need to work on breaking the bond between the plug and case. What I have done (this case was on the ground and really easy to get to) is to heat the plug. Get it nice and hot, as quickly as possible. Spray it with cool water. Let the case cool for 10 or 15 minutes and do it again. The idea is that the rapid heating/cooling will break the corrosion. Do this several times. Now you want to get some penetrant on the threads. Fluid Film is perfect for this. You can get it at your local John Deere dealer. When you spray it on, it will stick where you put it. It's not super fast, but It will get in to the threads. Spray it everynight for a couple of days or so. Now it's time to try to get the plug out. You could try an easy out, maybe a number 5 or 6 will grab the plug without punching through the bottom. If you can't do that, hammer and chisel time. Make a nice sharp edge on the chisel and go easy to start.

    Take your time, and good luck.

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    go to theywill have everything that you need to rebuild your diff and t-case

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