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    Post Industry News: Royal Purple

    Royal Purple and False advertising

    Industry News: Royal Purple is Black & Blue
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    AMSOIL is the only oil company that...,"Recommends 25,000 mile oil changes","Gives up to four times better wear protection","Warranties your engine against oil related failure"

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    Thanks for the info.
    Everyday I wake up is a great day! ;-)
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    I'm no expert with oils, but I find it funny that this is being posted by an Amsoil rep which is one of Royal Purple's main competitors in the True Full Synthetic market. I read the article you posted and I ask myself this, What in the hell is the lube report? and who in the hell is George Gill? This "report" and this "George Gill" have zero credibility with me as any kind of source. For all I know this is a reporter that was paid by a competing company to come up with this story. If you really read the story you will find that everything is "recommended" Royal Purple wasn't forced to do anything.

    Just a few observations from an unbiased poster...

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    Here's a reply from a poster I found on a different forum. He is responding to someone that posted the same article.

    "Lots of things, including the press release from BP (a competitor), are inconclusive.

    First off, its one test, by one independent company. Get three and I'll listen.

    When I bought my VR4, she had lifter tick (2nd gen). Mobil One was what she'd been getting. After acouple changes, I tried Castrol Synthetic, no change. Went to RP and it would go away for about 3-4k miles. My guess is as the oil got 'dirty' it would get noisy. Fine with me, it was my oil change indicator, lol.

    If we took every company to task on everything they said, alot of companies would be in trouble.

    Lets say for example, Joe Smith is an engine builder, world famous. Says his builds get 10% more HP than anyone else. Well, he uses his dyno. Then John S. down the street puts it on a different type of dyno and gets a different result. Whos wrong? Whos right? Both. Neither did enough scientific research to find the truth. Did the independent lab use the same testing as RP? While these vids are from RP website, they are all nationally recognized TV programs. CLICK HERE. And before someone says something, yes, I believe RP sponsored some of these, but watch for yourself...

    I used to do oil analysis for aircraft. Every sample was tested 3 times. There are too many variables. 3 times and they better be spot on or another sample is taken.

    Another thing, why can't RP claim “Increases horsepower and torque by as much as 3 percent”? If they have a dyno that showed a 3% gain, then its true. Just because it worked in one motor and not another, doesn't disprove their claim.

    In order for it to be false advertising, BP has to prove RP intentionally lied to the public.

    The new Hyundai Genesis V8 claims 375hp. Our cars claimed 320hp. How many times have R&T put new cars on the dyno and find the HP numbers are lower, sometimes quite a bit (and don't go into at the crank, etc that taking into consideration). So do the car companies fall into this same category? If your new car doesn't hit the stated marks, is it false advertising? And be realistic. Theres a difference in a claim vs actual, but what the given % difference thats ok?

    In the end, its whats makes you happy. Me? I switched ALL my lubricants in the VR4 to RP after being so happy with the motor. Not to mention when the motor was apart, the engine rebuilder was pretty impressed with the wear. I'm not claiming its all RP, but she had 122k when I made the switch and the motor blew (due to a lean issue, not oil) at 157k. Mechanic was impressed and told me to continue the RP after break in, and I happy have.


    The reason why I am posting this is because you have to becareful of a salesman that has to shoot down everyone else's products instead of speaking on his own. I'm not saying Amsoil is bad, I think it's a great oil, but you should let your product sell itself instead of worrying about the other guys.

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