Hey all,
I have a new to me 1994 Suburban k2500. It has a 5.7lt V8, automatic transmission and it is a 4x4. I am currently getting 14 mpg and would loeve for this to increase. I live in rural Montana the winters see -37 and the summers see the 90's so I am unsure if a cold air intake would help and they cost around $300.00 and I am not sure how much of an increase they make. Does anybody have any "proof" from your experince?

I also need to put on a new muffler. What brands/type do you use?

I am using 10-30 Napa oil with a Napa oil filter. I am not oppessed to changing brands. I just like the price of Napa products.

Are there better spark plugs and wires then just the stock ones in there or are they all abotu the same?

The tires are the rigth size and the air pressure is fine.

I have also been told a super chip will help out, but again $300.00 is a lot of money.

Thank you for any advice.