This morning on my way to work my brakes started to malfunction.I would breifly touch the brakes and they would almost "lock up",then they would be all "Spongy" and the brake warning light would come on.

This is in a 1990 Chev Suburban 6.2 Diesel 2500.I checked the Brake fluid level and it is fine.Also I checked the hoses for any leaks,again all in order.The Brake Fluid is quite dirty,I will flush the system this weekend.

I was wondering if there is a load sensor on the system that might be problematic.Somthing that increases your Braking power when you are towing for example?When the brakes are vauge the limited brakeing power seems well distibuted around the car.So my guess is its a technical fault rather than a mechanical one?

All input is appreciated.


Mike Hill