I currently live in Kent, WA. I haven't lived up here real long so I don't know the area as well as I'd like to. I'd really like to pack up the kids (5 and 2) and do some easy offroad trails and maybe even find a spot to camp this weekend. I've been looking around at different sites for ideas but I can't find anything with real clear descriptions of trails, directions and photos. I have a friend who lives in phoenix who belongs to a site that has detailed photos and descriptions of every trail in the area, so I've gotten kind of used to that.

Anyway, does anyone have any idea? I don't mind driving a little, but would prefer not to do more than two hours travel time (one way) max. I have a brand new truck so I don't want anything too gnarly that will will significantly damage the body. I have plans to get it lifted and I'll get more adventurous then, but for now just want to hit some dirt trails and hills. Any suggestions? Thanks.