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    Default Fuel Pump Problems? [Expired Topic]

    I have a 94 Suburban Silverado K1500 5.7L 4WD...I have been having problems with my fuel pump, so I think. I replaced it myself in Jan 06 and then again in May 06 by a machanic. He took my receipt and fuel pump back to Schucks because it was under warranty and repalced it and the filter and cleaned the injectors. 5 months later it is doing the same thing, which is it hesitates or acts/sounds like it isn't getting any fuel while I am doing 5 to 25mph. Do these need to to have a fuel pump from the dealership instead of an aftermarket rebuild you get at the local parts store? I had a Dodge that was that way after putting in 3 fuel pumps! can anybody out there give me any ideas. Thanks

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    Default RE: Fuel Pump Problems?

    I did mine, NAPA.

    Only been a few months so I can't say how good it is.

    You don't even want to know what a GM new one goes for.

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    Default RE: Fuel Pump Problems?

    aftermarket sometimes is not worth it OEM is the way i go for fuel pumps ac compressors an modules everything else after market i had a 86 camero went thru 3 intank fuel pumps in 2 weeks went to gm to have oem put in well worth the money spent johnny

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    Your 94 should have TBI injection. You need to have good pressure for fuel injection to work. Did you check the gas tank for crud? I have a Dodge mini van with FI, and it repeatedly clogged the filter every month or so. I pulled the tank and cleaned the sludge out and replaced the fuel pump while I was there and the problem went away.

    Also check the return line. The fuel system is a closed loop. If the pressure drops in the return line, the fuel pump shuts down. Remove the line at the TBI unit and used compressed air to blow back towards the tank. With the gas cap off you should hear the air entering the tank. Any minor blockage of the return line should be cleared by the air pressure. If the line won't clear with air pressure, you may have to pinpoint the blockage and replace that section of the fuel line.

    My 93 has the main fuel line entering the TBI unit at the left rear. The return line exits the TBI unit on the right rear. The fuel feed line comes from the filter mounted on the drivers side frame rail and runs up to the TBI unit. The return line follows a similar route, but does not pass through the filter. The feed line is bigger than the return line. See the photo.
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