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    Default I sold a part of the family...!!!!!!!!

    I sold one of my Suburbans.... And I feel really bad.... Don't get me wrong, I was offered a lot more money than I have invested in it. I know it went to a good home, and will be well taken care of. But I still feel like part of the family is missing. Has anyone on here experienced the same thing...?????? Or am I the only crazy one...??????

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    Default RE: I sold a part of the family...!!!!!!!!

    How could you?

    You sold a family member, you cad.

    Yes you are crazy, but not the only one. If people don't sell them we can't buy them.

    Anyone who buys a Burb for the first time gets to learn the meaning of APV All Purpose Vehicle. I hate the term SUV.

    These things can do anything, I have overloaded ours, towed way more than I should have, (Over it's rated capacity) and gone places no man has gone before with ours. Anyone who buys one of these beasts can only be happy.

    The only bitch I have ever had was mileage, but then I don't do that that often.

    Well at least it went to a good home.

    What baby did you part with?

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    I sold the 84... I reeeeeally miss it. My 98 keeps giving out a DTC, and would like to have something else presentable to drive while the 98 would be in the shop... There's not much left of the 78... It's a little breezy when I drive it....

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