Hey all,
First off I'd like to say I wish I found this forum months ago!
Anyways, tommorow I'm taking the leap into making my newly acquired stock 96 2 door tahoe mine. It's completely stock...

Does anyone know the max tire size I can get for the stock lift on it? I want something beefy but I don't think I have the time to lift it (going to college 3 hours away from my hometown pretty soon...) I had a friend tell me a pretty tight setup would be 15x10 wheels, and do 31x12.50 tires. He said there may be a little rubbing, but I hope this isn't the case. I've looked everywhere on google, but I can't seem to find any tahoe or silverado like body's with a stock lift with those size tires/rims. Can anyone help me out? I'd like to see it before I go with it.

Or maybe I should do the 3" body lift (can't afford suspension lift). Is it difficult to install on a 96 2dr tahoe type body for an amateur wrencher? I would love to have a 3" body lift, but not sure if the bumper's would look all off and funky.

How much lift can I get by adjusting the torsioner bar? I heard this makes for a hella bumpy ride, but I can get some lift and bigger tires this way, I think I can compromise!

As you can see I'm VERY lost! This is my first ride basically, and don't have much info. I've spent a week on google trying to find info, but there was very little for my specific case!