When I came out from under the drain plug, I pushed the wireloom on top of the frame rail to keep it away from the weather. There were some holes that were already in the frame so I used black zip ties to hold it on top of the frmae, and then I ran it up behind the front fenderwell plastic guard and snaked it up the frame rail. At the top of the frame rail the fuel lines are run 4 across on the frame rail, and they are held in place by plastic retainers and it just so happened that there was an extra spot for another line. I pushed the wireloom in that extra spot and it held it there perfectly, so the wireloom ran right in line with the fuel lines.
In this picture the yellow circled wireloom is for my lights, the one circled in red was for my halo's in my projector headlights. I had about 1" from the driver's side exhaust manifold, which was causing the wireloom actually melt so I went to Summit Racing and bought some of Painless Wiring's 1500+ degree wire wrap and slid it over the wireloom. It is braided nylon similar to spark plug boots for headers, and I never had it fail me yet. It is expensive to say the least, $40 for 4 feet! Other than that little problem, It was a perfect fit and I would do it that way again any time.