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Thread: Power surges

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    Default Power surges

    Not sure if this is related to the gasket problem or not. Maybe a sep issue.

    For a long time whendriving and accellerating hard it seems to hesitate or surge. It feels as if it is not getting enough gas through. I am guessing. The fuel pump is two years old, so I don't think this could be it.

    It is fine if I accelerate low, but when I push the gas pedal all the way down, it is when it starts to hesitate. What could the problem be if anyone has had this happen to them.

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    Default RE: Power surges

    If I were you, I would definately check my fuel filter first and foremost. Then check the fuel pump #2. If not them, check your plugs and wires. Then fluch the fuel system. Things like this are often just little annoying things that are often easy to fix.

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    Default RE: Power surges

    I've had power surges that were caused by a number of things. Sometimes the "surge" is the normal operation of the engine, but you're just giving it more gas because it's lagging behind.

    Something as simple as bad gas (or water in the fuel) can cause something like this to happen.

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    Default RE: Power surges

    Thanks guys. I changed the fuel filter and it seems to have fixed the problem. It must have been partially obstructed.

    BTW, how often should these be changed? Anyone have any idea?

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    C Change the fuel filter yearly for maixmum performance

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    That's a good idea. I might end up doing that this Saturday morning. ... no way, the Dallas Auto show is this week, I'll be going to that.

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