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I like to be able to flash my lights during the day as a signal to drivers (it's ok to merge, go ahead you have the right of way at a 4 way, you are approaching a speed trap etc....)

Can you just "make" the switch at the park brake pedal that turns off the lights without causing the brake light to come on or is it the same circuit? TIA....Al
Disabling the DRLs on the 90s trucks is pretty easy, but If i recall you can't flash you brights unless all the normal lights are on. The previous owner of my truck designed a way to flash his lights by using a momentary switch that would kick off the brls by turning on the park lights. My DRL system has totally died for no reason so I don't use that switch, but I do keep my full lights on at all times so my truck is even more easy to see besides being big and white.