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    Default No good stories to tell?

    I was hoping that someone would have a good story about how they helped pull a ford excusion out of the mud.

    ... or something like that.

    Anyone have any good stories to share?

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    Default RE: No good stories to tell?

    Um... When my 3-4 clutch pack went out I used it in 4-lo to pull out tree stumps, does that count?

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    Back several years ago my son's and I had been surf fishing one Saturday on the beautiful Outer Banks of NC. As we left the beach in my Suburban we saw a crowd gathered around a Ford Explorer. As we approached we noticed the driver had buried it in sand right up to the axles. I stopped and we got out and offered to help at which time the driver ran for his backdoor, opened it a produced a length of rope and said "you never go on the beach in a Ford without this". I got out my tow strap (rated at 30,000 lb's, pulled up to his rear bumper hooked him up to my front tow hooks. Everybody standing around said we would not get him out that it would be a job for a wrecker or big 4 x 4. Well I pulled him out in reverse, and 4 H! Everybody got real quiet! We rather enjoyed it! Felt good!

    Just last week my 17 year old son pulled out a Jeep Wrangler buried in mud, and water, to the top of the hood for 3 days. Other Jeeps and Ford's had tried (even one with an 18,000 LB warn winch) with no luck. He pulled his beast up and hooked it to the front hooks and pulled it out in reverse as well. He has an 87' K-5 with 6" lift, 38"Goodyear's, and a 14 bolt rearend with 456 gears. He said "it felt good dad". LOL

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    Default Suburban pulling a Ford off the beach!

    That a boy! i love it!

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    62 GMC 3/4 ton Pickup (350 police interceptor)

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    Default RE: Suburban pulling a Ford off the beach!

    I use to believe in the Ford XLT expeditions since i bought one in 1997 and put over 150,000 mile on it with no issues other than brakes.

    I purchased another Ford Expedition in 2003 and what a mistake that was. The rear end howled so bad it had to be replaced 2 times and I was going on a third time. Both the power windows in the front went out in 2004 and the other two were going out. I pulled the window unit apart and was amazed at the poor engineering.

    I started to notice other people that owned new Expeditions that they had to open their door at the bank and fast food places due to their windows not working.

    The Expedition interior is very poorly done and my kids complained that the back seat was like a board on long trips.

    I just purchased a 2003 Tahoe LT that is loaded and has quad seating with the third row seat. My family loves the comfort . And I love the power compared to Ford .

    I paid a little more but the Tahoe has 10X the all around quality than the Ford Expedition. I will never buy a Ford Again.

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    Default RE: Suburban pulling a Ford off the beach!

    Hey Slandrie, you're not alone.

    I've heard from dozens of people that have had Fords from years ago that are upset with the way that they are currently being built and designed.

    I knew of a guy who had a 1999 F150 pickup and the dash went out all the time. The odometer, etc. It turned out to be cheap solder welding on several of the dash joints. Of all things to try to save a couple of bucks on!

    Anyhow, thanks for the input and know that you're always welcome to post your thoughts here.

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