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    Default Overhead console/double din stereo install

    Last year I installed an aftermarket overhead console in my Suburban. But it just didn't seem to fit well. It interfered with the visors and.....Well I just wasn't very happy with the placement of the stereo in it either. The write up on it can be seen here....... HOOKER OVERHEAD CONSOLE

    So I've ripped it out and have begun modifying an Original Equipment Overhead Console to fit my Kenwood Double Din into. I got the bracket and the main body through work (G.M. Dealership)
    Mounted the bracket.....

    Then I proceeded to cut up the front of the console......

    Made a frame for the basket and riveted the basket into place on the console.....

    Made up a cardboard template for the cover and the made that out of fleece and fiberglass resin. Let it harden up in the shape I needed then put it on the console and laid 2 layers of fiberglass cloth over it and let it dry. Then came the the bondo. This is where I am at after sanding.... Still need to add a little more filler to get all the little pits filled in and sanded down then it's time to paint it......

    '90 V2500 SUBURBAN
    5.7L/TH400 241NP T.CASE
    3:73 GEARS
    NO A.C....YET
    PWR W installed summer of '07
    PWR D/L installed summer of '07
    PWR MIRRORS installed summer of '07
    TILT WHEEL installed April '08
    C.C. installed Oct '08
    Updated power mirrors to include turnsignals and heated glass MARCH 2010

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    Well... Since it appears you have the console in pieces, do you have any wisdom to bestow as to how I can dissaemble and remove my overhead console out of my 91 Suburban? It's the same overhead console as yours. I pulled all the screws I could get to, but I can't seem to get the console down or the black insert section out. I need to replace my map light bulbs and switches. :(

    1991 Chevy Suburban 1/2 ton 2WD w/ chevy SBC 350-3/4 ton drivetrain upgrade w/4.10 gears 200K miles
    2005 Saturn ION-2 Stock 277K miles
    1982 Bronco, 1993 Bronco (sold), 1971 M35A2 Deuce and a Half

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    Once you've pulled the four (4) main screws from the just inside the 2 storage compartments located towards the back of them, reach up and carefully pull straight down on the back edge of the console itself. The whole thing not just the black insert. It'll only come down a little ways, Now reach up and disconnect the wiring harness at the connection then slide it back to disengage the front of the console from the bracket.
    The black insert in actually in 2 pieces, The rear pilot lights and dome lights are under one part thats held to the main body with four (4) screws that face towrds the back of the vehicle inside the rear compartment. Your dome lights are a part number 211-2 or just 211 (Looks like an over sized glass type fuse) depending where you are. the pilot lights are a number 921 (Looks like an over inflated 194 bulb)
    To gain access to the front pilot lights you'll have to remove six (6) screws facing downwards from the topside down as well as two (2) inside the front leading edge also accessed from the topside.

    Let me know what you find to replace the switches with as the wiring harness for these consoles are obsolete. I did find out the the overhead console they had in the '89 - '93 ASTRO/SAFARI VANS use the same harness part number. So there is another source for a replacement harness.
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    Being curious if it would actually hold, I decided to try it out before I started doing the fiberglassing. Turned out there was alot of vibration/shaking happening while going down the road so I added 2 "L" brackets at the front of the console on the roof to anchor it a bit better

    Here's a couple of pics showing the one I modified compared to an unmolested one.

    I also had to modify the cover/sliding door at the front of the console. To be able to still use the front compartment, I trimmed the door along the sides and across the front edge of it then glued on some plastic R/C airplane hinges (seen here in white) and also installed a push type magnetic latch to keep it closed.

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    I painted the inside of the main body of the console white as well as the inside of the pilot light "cups" so I could see inside the compartments better and also to help reflect more light thru the lenses of the pilot lights.
    I'll post some more pics later on of the whole thing painted and installed.

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    looks great but im not digging the chrome hinges.

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    Looking forward to seeing this completed!
    2005 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab ZQ8 Xtreme

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ToNe04 View Post
    looks great but im not digging the chrome hinges.
    They aren't chrome. They WERE white plastic with a metal hinge pin thru them. I have since repainted the whole cover a semi flat black.

    Finally got it finished and installed. With the exception of the USB port access and the power port for my cell phone charger. The head unit is a KENWOOD DDX-812 that's BLUE TOOTH enabled, IPOD compatible, Navigation upgrade available (KNA-G510 needed) It sets a bit lower and further forward than it did in the old Hooker console I had it in before. Makes it much easier to see the face of it with just a quick glance. I also swapped out the headliner from the perforated vinyl to the cloth velour.

    I also moved my 1/2 din DVD player under my rear window/heater/defroster switches where the O.E.M. 1 1/2 DIN stereo was at.
    The bottom pic is of the front storage compartment door in it's opened position after I had to modify it. My IPOD is pictured in the compartment.

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    Something didn't work right for your latest group of pictures. Looks like you're linking them from67-72chevytrucks, might want to double-check those links...

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