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Thread: glass packs

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    Default glass packs

    Anybody added these glass packs or some kind of high performance exhaust system. I am going to have my Tahoe looked at today. They say Glasspacks, free flowing, help a little with gas, IT JUST SOUNDS MEAN AS HELL ON MY 4x4!!

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    Default RE: glass packs

    I used to have a 1962 GMC 3/4 ton pickup with a 350 4-bolt that I took out of an old police car. Put some glass packs on that beast and it woke up the neighbors.

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    Default RE: glass packs

    so glass packs to loud? or screw the neighbors? My Truck sounds good!!

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    Default RE: glass packs

    I lived in an apartment complex at the time and when I started up my truck each morning at least one car alarm would go off. I would be upset now if some young punk did that to me, but it's all good. I really didn't try to wake people up at 6:30 AM.

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    Default RE: glass packs

    Talked to the shop who is going to be doing my work for me on the exhaust system. He is telling me with the CATS in the TRUCK and the glass packs/free flowing system. it will sound good. He advised if I did flow masters, then it would sound pretty much like the stock exhaust. I will let you all know how they sound when I get them on. Hopefully this week.

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    yeah, looking forward to it.

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    i had true duals put on my 97 'hoe, with a vortex turbo muffler and it is a lil' bit louder but not bad, and it helped me pull 23mpg on the way back from north dakota last summer

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    that's 1 reason I am doing it..but also I am getting the Tahoe programed for me on a DYNO!!!! which will freaking help gas like crazy. I will ahve to run high octane though 92 super unleaded and get a new thermostat that runs cooler, which is like 40.00

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    I wasn't aware that you could get that type of MPG enhancement. What are the drawbacks?

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    Steve, I just had it programed satruday. She is running like a mean bitch!! hahaha. I am monitoring MPG this week and let you know what comes out of it. I HAVE MORE POWER, I don't know the terminology, but my truck can get on it if I need it too. Runs smooth, timing is perfect on it now. I can get the chart comparisons maybe if anybody really wants to see them.

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