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Thread: glass packs

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    Default Exhaust

    I have a 95 two door Tahoe. I gutted the old exhaust did it true dual from the headers to tips. I used cheap mufflers and now I am getting some leaks from the muffler. I was going to do away with mufflers all together and do GLASS PACKS. I know it will be louder, but has anyone done it yet to confirm what if it is a good loud or a junky loud. Let me know.

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    Josh, what engine are you running in that 95? I've run glass packs with a 283, 327 and a 350 4-bolt police special. The sound is really a byproduct of a lot of different variables like your headers, catalytic converter, and the quality of your glasspacks. I mean, I've known people who have tried to get louder, and others just want faster exhaust output and don't care about sound.

    What are you looking to acheive? Performace or a good deep sound?

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    What part of Idaho are you from, btw? I was born in Boise and lived 15 years between there and Spokane, WA. Went to school for a bit in Moscow, spent a lot of time up north too near Sandpoint. Good to have another spud on the site.

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    I have a stock 350 in my 95. Aftermarket headers, I am not sure what brand, they were on it when I bought it. I am looking for better performance which I have already achieved by doing away with the cat, but the mufflers I bought were cheap and like I said they are falling apart and you can hear them leaking. I am looking for a deep strong sound out of glass packs but I have been told it will sound great and horrible. I personally think it will sound great. BTW I am from Coeur d'Alene born and raised. Good to see someone knows were Idaho is out there!

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    I am getting mine done still. I just had a new daughter and money is a little tight for me. But I promise I will get mine ASAP..maybe next month. I talked to the mechanic about it again. He is a really good friend and would not steer me wrong. He said with the CATS and glass pipes, true dual, it will sound great. If I were to put flows which I almost did, they would be pretty much sound stock and not help much with gas mile. In Texas, I know we have to keep our CATS on, I think, in order to pass inspection, so I will have to leave mine on.

    oh, what kind of gas miles any of you getting IN TOWN? I have the v8 vortec on a 99 tahoe.

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    I got my glass packs on and it sounds great! In Idaho we dont have emissions inspections so I did two inch pipe from the headers to glass packs and two and a half from cherry bombs back. It sounds pretty tuff. I had mufflers on it and yeah it sounds pretty much stock. But now, people are paying attention! You know what they say in Idaho loud pipes save lives!

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    Awsome Josh!!!! I think I will have my packs installed tihs weekend. Question now.....DO I INSTALL 4" TIPS OR 3" TIPS. Anybody have a suggestion on this? I want it to sound good but not annoying loud.


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    The tips I put on are 4inch, but they have the honey comb looking inside much like the inside of glasspacks. I think it gives it a deeper tone instead of being so pipy, does that make any sense? They were like $40/piece at the parts store. Hope yours sounds as good as mine!

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    :D THE GLASS PACKS ROOOOOCK!!!! I HAD 2 MAGNAFLOW PACKS INSTALLED WITH 4" CHROME TIPS!! My friend says it sounds better than his complete magnaflow system/muffler. Anyway...when we are able to post pics on here...i'll take some and post it! I love my sound and I love my pipes!!! Not to loud and sounds great! I seriously recomend them to any of you all if you want that mean sound.

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    my 97 tahoe with vortec 5.7 , throttle spacer ,opened airbox , true duals and a lil bigga tires i usualy pull about 10-15 round town, ( a lot of short trips)

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