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    Default Swap barn-doors for a liftgate ?

    I just bought a 2000 suburban with barn doors and I would much prefer a liftgate, is it possible to install one ? are the hinges similar on the body, is the wiring similar ?

    thanks !

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    I'm pretty sure it's going to have to be like a whole new install, not much can be reused.

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    Major surgery. Only the experienced bodywork/painters dare tread here.
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    Not an easy task, the time, money and pain would be more than it's worth. IMO None of the parts are going to be a direct fit.
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    What would be the reason for this swap? Don't like the B-Doors? Well, here your going to need a donor vehicle with all the equipment from it including the mounts from the conors that hold the hydraulics, these are necessity and they wear out easily as well. You have a chore of DOOR swap, Doh!!!! Sorry, it really will take some doing, but can be done. What about painting? Can you do it? Welding? So, look it over, reflect on it and then make a decision.........


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    Aim sure on the old Suburbans to '83 models the bodyís are totally different at the bottom section.
    Itís has to do in the floor, if you have barn doors the locking sockets are made in the floor so the body over there is designed for it if you have a tail gate the floor have a totally other setting.
    So if you want to change it you have to re designed the floor section and that is an major job but everything is of course possible.

    And I think this is also with the newer models.

    If you want to do this, look very carefully and tried to see also a Suburban with a tailgate and discover the different between your car and the other one.
    And then you can decided if itís possible for you of not.

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    Lots of cutting and welding in new peices, new paint and if want the power switch to pop the lift glass then you have to do some wiring as well
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    I'm just curious about your scenario. I just scoured half the country to FIND a surb with barn doors. For me they're a necessity, much easier to deal with than lift gate if you're taking lots of stuff in and out IMO. Also much easier to control large dogs. Anyway, in the 2000 body style barn doors are pretty scarce, lift gates are the norm. Did you decide that you wanted a lift gate after the fact? What don't you like about the doors?

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    Our 2005 had the liftgate and we would have preferred the barn doors. The guy at the dealer told us that all Suburbans/Tahoes were liftgates now, not that I believed him.

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